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Pharmacist Learning Events

Webinar Presentations

November 2021

Presentation - Antimicrobial Resistance
Presentation - Stoma Care

October 2021

Presentation - Wiltshire Community Respiratory Team

July 2021

Presentation - Environmental impact of inhalers
Presentation - Quarterly Reports

June 2021

Presentation - Prescribing update including 2021/22 incentive scheme
Presentation - Anticholinergic Burden project
Presentation - Dapagliflozin in Heart Failure

December 2020

Presentation - Medicines Optimisation Team update
Presentation - POD - How it works, from an administrative and clinic perspective

November 2020

Presentation - Antimicrobial Stewardship
Presentation - Top Tips to make the most out of TPP, AccuRx and OptimiseRx

October 2020

Presentation - PCN Network Contract DES for SMRs & Meds Optimisation
Presentation - Reducing Inappropriate Prescribing of Dependence Forming Medicines
Presentation - Pain Management in Primary Care
Presentation - BSW Area Prescribing Committee

September 2020

Presentation - Medicines Optimisation across BSW (September 2020)

August 2020

Presentation - BSW Primary Care Meds Optimisation PIS 2020-21 (August 2020)

June 2020

Presentation - BSW ONS Formulary
Presentation - Managing Malnutrition in Care Homes
Presentation - Frailty Pharmacist
Presentation - MOCH presentation
Presentation - The rationale for deprescribing
Presentation - How to upskill as a pharmacist supporting care homes
Additional information - Pharmacist Support for Care Homes

Other Presentations

Presentation - Stoma care for prescribing clerks

GP Learning Events 

Presentation (GP Learning Event) September 2019
Presentation (GP Learning Event) June 2019
Antibiotics & TDNTD presentation

Chronic Pain (Feb 2016)

Pregabalin (Nov 2015)

Antibiotic Update (Nov 2015)

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Rational Prescribing Workshop (May 2016) 

Wiltshire Rational Prescribing Guidance
Interpreting Clinical Trials - an Aide Memoir
Presentation - Rational Prescribing Workshop - J Treadwell
Rational Prescribing - Useful Resources
Case Study for Desprescribing Workshop
Shared Decision Making in 5 minutes