4 – CNS

Pain Management Documents

Wiltshire NHSE Low Value Medicines Co-proxamol
Wiltshire NHSE Low Value Medicines Trimipramine & Dosulepin
NICE: Scarlet fever: guidance and data
BSW CCG Lidocaine 5% Medicated Plasters (Ralvo®) Guidance for non-cancer pain in adults
Wiltshire Tramacet Prescribing Summary
NHS England Advice: Pregabalin and Gabapentin
Pain Management supporting information: "Opioids Aware"
PrescQIPP: Targinact (Oxycodone/Naloxone) Statement
BSW Pain Management Guidance (full version)
Wiltshire Rubefacients - advisory summary
Swindon & GWH Palliative care prescription support


Wiltshire Guidance on swapping and stopping antidepressants (quick guide)
Wiltshire Trimipramine switch to sertraline sample patient letter
AWP info: Dosulepin and trimipramine: Guidance for medication reviews
Wiltshire Dosulepin Audit
Wiltshire Dosulepin - Community Pharmacy Template Letter
Wiltshire Community Pharmacy Letter Template - Trimipramine
BSW Sativex commissioning statement March 2021


BSW Chronic Migraine Pathway for Adults

Substance Misuse

Wiltshire Nalmefene Information for GPs


Other CNS Condition Documents

BSW EOL COVID prescription support
BSW Domperidone Guidance
MHRA info: Antiepileptic drugs: new advice on switching between different manufacturers’ products for a particular drug
Wiltshire Low Dose Naltrexone
UKMI Equivalent doses of oral Benzodiazepines
AWP Valproate Guidance
NHS England Cannabis prescribing - FAQs
Wiltshire RCGP - Cannabis based medicines: Desktop guide
Stop smoking community quick guide BSW 2020 FINAL

Neuropathic pain leaflets for patients (dose titration)

Wiltshire Pregabalin - patient leaflet
Wiltshire Amitriptyline
Wiltshire Gabapentin 0 - 900mg in 100mg's
Wiltshire Gabapentin 900mg - 1800 in 100's
Wiltshire Gabapentin 1800 - 3600mg high dose in 300's

Further patient information/leaflets

Wiltshire Patient Leaflet - Cancer Survivorship
Wiltshire Patient Leaflet - Chronic Pain