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Care Home Interim Request form

Example Homely Remedy Agreement form

Homely Remedy information for GPs

Homely Remedy information for Care Home Staff

MOCH Paracetamol Dosing

Missed doses of medication

MOCH Refrigerator storage information

MOCH Monthly order process

MOCH Expiry Date guidelines

MOCH Barrier Creams

MOCH - CQC Frequently Asked Questions

CQC Fire Risk with Emollients

Homely Remedy Record

MOCH Thickeners

MOCH Emollients and Barrier Creams

PRN (when required) medicines

Homely remedies and OTC medicines

MOCH Medicines Support Quick Guide

MOCH Record Keeping and Ordering Quick Guide

MOCH Giving Medicines Covertly Quick Guide

MOCH Quick Guide to Self Care & Homely Medicines

BSW Screening and Supporting with Malnutrition in Care Homes

BSW Nutrition Resource Pack for Care Homes (FULL guidance)

BSW Nutrition Resource Pack for Care Homes (SUMMARY guidance)

Transdermal Patch Application Chart

Care Home POD Memorandum of Understanding

Care Home Signpost Document