Blueteq Pathways

Below are a list of pathways for commissioned high cost drugs. Prior approval is required using Blueteq.
A small number of policies exist for HCD.  Where drugs (indications or doses) are not routinely commissioned please complete an IFR form (link to follow)

Blueteq enabled forms - Masters List
Blueteq gastroenterology biologic form schematic
PCSK9 inhibitors - prescribing summary
Crohn's Disease BSW STP Biologic Commissioning Pathway
Ulcerative Colitis Disease BSW STP Biologic/Biosimilar Commissioning Pathway
Plaque Psoriasis (Moderate to Servere) Biologic Treatment Pathway in Adults
Dupilumab for atopic dermatitis treatment pathway
BSW ITP Treatment Pathway for Adult Patients
Blueteq Ophthalmology Pathway