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BSW APC Technical Group Terms of Reference
BSW APC Terms of Reference
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Dates of BSW APC meetings in 2021/2022 (which will operate via MSTeams) are:

11th August 2021Technical
19th August 2021Full
8th September 2021Technical
30th September 2021Full
13th October 2021Technical
21st October 2021Full
10th November 2021Technical
25th November 2021Full
8th December 2021Technical
16th December 2021Full
12th January 2022Technical
27th January 2022Full
9th February 2022Technical
17th February 2022Full
9th March 2022Technical
26th March 2022Full
13th April 2022Technical
28th April 2022Full
11th May 2022Technical
26th May 2022Full
15th June 2022Technical
30th June 2022Full
13th July 2022Technical
28th July 2022Full
10th August 2022Technical
18th August 2022Full

Attendance Full meeting – all members
Attendance Technical meeting – pharmacists only

For further information please contact the secretary via